Computational DESIGN | hci | Iot | Ubicomp
Carnegie Mellon University

I am exploring, thinking and prototyping computational solutions 

for existing interaction problems and future interfaces. 


About Me

I am a master student in the Master of Science in Computatonal Design program, Carnegie Mellon University. My interest lands on the applicable interdisciplinary field of Sensing, Human-computer Interaction, IoT and Ubiquitous Computing.  My self-motivated personality push me to explore and thinker around future Human-Computer Interfaces and Interactions. I have both engineering and design backgrounds, one of which helps me to explore the world with imagination and creativity, while the other provides me with logical thinking and hands-on skill.




A studio conceptual design work from 2015. The idea is providing a prefabricated modular solution for multipurpose residential which the space can be re-organized.


Studio 317 work in the first semester of Master of Architecture 3.5 program in Washington University in St.Louis in 2016. A cafe located in Forest Park in STL to connect bikers and pedestrians.


Conceptual & researching design work from 2015, Provide an urban renewal proposal for an old town area. 


Data Visualization Framework

This is a teamwork Data Visualization Framework  wrote in JAVA for CMU 17-214/17-514 (Principle of Software Construction: Object, Design and Concurrency) which won the Best Framework of 18 Spring.